Culinary Heritage UNESCO

Culinary Heritage UNESCO

Did you know that the World Heritage UNESCO Fund also includes objects related to cooking? For example, a French feast, an event that has become a custom to celebrate the most important dates in the life of man. Whether it’s the birth of children, weddings, anniversaries, or any career success. The French are very strict approach to the selection of dishes that are prepared on the feast. Always come from only the highest quality products and wines. Mandatory requirement – the compatibility of submitted products. Particular attention is paid to the serving table and serve refreshments.

Culinary Heritage UNESCO

The list of intangible UNESCO also included and Croatian gingerbread, which are baked in the north. The recipe of this delicacy has its roots in the Middle Ages and is lost among the numerous monasteries kitchens. Gingerbread baked in special molds and then dried and decorate with special natural dyes.

Culinary Heritage UNESCO:Croatian gingerbread

Mexican cuisine also takes pride of place in the list of intangible heritage. In this concept includes not only traditional recipes, but many products are specific to this region. Besides ceremonial marked dishes that are traditionally prepared on certain holidays.

Culinary Heritage UNESCO Mexican cuisine

This concept, as the Mediterranean diet has long been included in the UNESCO list. By this we mean a set of products, their cultivation, preparation methods, Mediterranean recipes. Ingredients such as olive oil, cereals, fresh or dried fruit and vegetables, fish, dairy products, meat and spices. The important place is given to wine, which is made from grapes grown on the slopes of the mountains of the Mediterranean.

Culinary Heritage UNESCO Mediterranean diet


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