Cucumber salad, cabbage and corn

Cucumber salad, cabbage and corn.


• Cucumbers – 200g
• Cabbage – 100g
• Canned corn – ½ can (150g)
• Vegetable oil – 3 tbsp
• Lettuce – 1 bunch
• Salt – to taste

On work surface, place the ingredients that are needed to prepare salad: cucumbers, cabbage, canned corn, lettuce, salt and vegetable oil.

Wash cucumbers, cut off the ends (if gorchat). If you wish, you can clean the peel completely, but this is not mandatory. Slice the cucumbers bars: first along the stripes, and then across.

Chop the cabbage and wring your hands properly. She let the juice and will become softer in the salad. Slaw and can be small and large, depending on your preference.

Wash the lettuce leaves from dust and dirt. Shake off the water and cut, not very big. You can also do without a knife, tearing the leaves by hand.

In a deep bowl, salad bowl, place chopped vegetables and canned corn. Salt salad to your taste, season with vegetable oil and mix well.

Do not overdo it with butter, salad should not swim in it.

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