You want to impress all the guests at the banquet table? Prepare a stunning French dessert called «croquembouche»! It looks very impressive, in fact made from choux pastry cakes laid out and filled with caramel pyramid. And as pastries stuffed with delicious cream off the candy is simply impossible. Therefore, without losing too much time is likely to begin cooking.

You will need:

For the pastry:
Flour — 150 g
Milk — 250 ml
Butter — 100 g
Eggs — 4-5 pieces
Salt — a pinch

For the cream:
Milk — 1 liter
Eggs — 4 pcs
Flour — 100 g
Sugar — Article 5. spoons or to taste
Vanilla Sugar — 8g

For the caramel:
Sugar — 1.5 cups
The water is clean — 80 ml

How to cook:

1. First sift the flour through a sieve into a bowl or any convenient plate. For it to get rid of lumps of flour and is full of oxygen from the air. Turn on the stove medium heat, pour into a saucepan the milk, add salt and butter and put it on the burner. With constant stirring, melt the butter and bring the liquid to a boil.

Then turn off the heat and pour the flour. Thoroughly whisk, beat until smooth. Then arming kitchen spatula and mix until dough is thickened. Now we have to wait for the cooling test, so you can add the eggs. So wash them under hot running water and add to the dough by one. Beat with a mixer until smooth. All choux dough is ready.

2. Baking Oven was covered with baking paper or grease with vegetable oil.
If you have a baking bag — great! We use them to form small cakes (profiteroles), if not, then take any clean plastic bag, cut off one corner, carefully shift the dough into it and squeezing on a baking sheet. The distance between the cakes should be about 3 — 5 cm, because during baking, they will increase in size.

3. Put the baking sheet in the oven preheated to 220 degrees and bake cakes for about 5 — 7 minutes, then lowers the temperature to 180 degrees and bake another 7 — 10 minutes, and then disconnect the fire, opens the oven door and leave to cool for about 5 minutes more — 7. They must have time propechsya and covered with a beautiful golden brown.

4. In the meantime, profiteroles cool, prepare the filling. For it need milk with a fat content of 3.5% and higher.
So, pour the milk into the pan, put on a little fire and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally kitchen spatula.
Flour is sieved. Eggs are washed under hot running water, breaks into a deep dish, pour the usual and vanilla sugar, flour and mix all thoroughly whisk until smooth. Do not forget to follow the milk!

Once it is boiling, turn off the heat and pour very carefully into the egg-flour mixture while stirring whisk.
Then, pour the whole mass back into the pot on the stove and put on a small fire. With vigorous stirring, bring to a boil and remove from heat. The cream is gradually cooling down, it will become thicker.

5. Each profiterole incision on the side or the bottom, take a teaspoon or a pastry bag and begin to gently stuff.

6. To cook caramel first need to choose the right equipment, the pan with non-stick coating are not suitable (caramel might spoil it) also swept aside copper and tin. So, choose a pot with very high sides, the light inside and a thick bottom.


Pours sugar with water in selected pan, mix well, put on the stove over medium heat. We look forward to when the sugar begins to melt, it does not mix. When most of the melt, you can start slowly stirred.


The finished candy should be a beautiful amber color, so it does not overheat, set aside the pan aside.

7. So, everything is ready, so proceed to the fun and the final stage. Form the cakes of our Christmas tree (pyramid), the height and width, choose on their own. And to our profitrolki not collapsed, first dip them in caramel.

8. croquembouche served chilled, together with various drinks, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk or even a cocktail. This wonderful cakes can be decorated with the same caramel, pulling strings from it and wrap them with our Christmas tree or a pyramid.

Bon Appetit!

— Frequently croquembouche complement berries, nuts and fruits.
— Can be used instead of caramel chocolate coating.
— Choux dough can be prepared not only in one milk, but also for milk and water or water alone. The quantity of liquid remains constant.
— If you want to have dessert more intense vanilla flavor, add a little cream in the vanilla extract.
— To pyramid of profiteroles turned flat, pre-made cardboard cone, put it on a plate or tray and beautifully Lay around pastries in a spiral.


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