Creamy charlotte with apricots

butter — 200 g
yogurt (yogurt) — 1 cup
sugar — 250 g
flour — 3 cups
baking powder — 11 g
vanilla sugar — 1 hour. L.
chicken egg — 4 pcs.
apricots — 10 pcs.
1. Butter room temperature whisk with sugar. During whipping add one egg (all four). Whip up a lush state.

2. Sift flour with baking powder and mix with vanilla sugar.

3. whipped egg-oil mixture, add 1 cup of yogurt (yogurt, kefir), mix.

4. Add the sifted flour and mix by folding. The dough turns thick.

5. Form lay a baking paper, put the dough, top with thin slices of apricot. Bake at 180 ° C.

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