Crab salad with cabbage

Crab salad with cabbage

• 1 can of canned corn
• 300gr. cabbage
• 240g. crabmeat (or sticks)
• Juice of half a lemon
• Mayonnaise Refills

Prigotvleniya method:
-Finely chop the crab meat, finely shinkuem cabbage.

-Add the cabbage and lemon juice mix it, give stand for 5 minutes.

-In a deep dish, mix the cabbage with lemon juice, corn (drain) and crab meat.

-Thoroughly mix the salad and dressed with mayonnaise it. 

Bon Appetit!

Almost traditional recipe of crab salad with the addition of cabbage.

It turns out fresh and very pleasant taste.

Be sure to try this option lettuce.

салаты с краб палочк.4jpeg

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