Cottage cheese with cherry jelly

1.Snachala dissolve gelatine: sachet of gelatin (10 g), pour 100 grams of milk and let swell. After 20-30 minutes to put in a water bath and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. Do not boil! Leave to cool.
2. In this time, mix in a blender cottage cheese, yogurt, fresh cherries, a little honey to taste and vanilla for flavor.
3.In the curd mass to enter the dissolved gelatin (in weight can be ready to add a few whole berries cherries).
Pour the resulting mixture of formochkam or into one large shape and place in refrigerator to complete solidification.
4.Luchshe to use split or silicone molds, including dessert can be easily removed. If there are no forms, you can use any utensils (bowls, plates, cups, salad bowl), pre-route them cling film.
5.Esche to do cherry fill: it lay on the frozen jelly halves berries and pour on top of cherry jelly (from a bag).
Note: This dessert can be used and any other berries / fruit.

творожное желе с вишней

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