Cottage cheese souffle with fruit

Cottage cheese souffle with fruit.

curd (less than 5% fat) 500 g.
eggs to taste
4 tbsp semolina. l.
2-3 tbsp sugar. l.
Vanilla essence 1 hour. L.
baking powder 1 tbsp. l.
any fruit to decorate to taste
jelly desired taste

• Divide the yolks and whites
• All the ingredients are mixed, except for egg whites.
• Protein whip in a separate bowl until peaks. Remember that great whites whipped when cold. Carefully spoon admixed to the curd.
• Pour the mass into a greased refractory shape and bake 45 minutes in a heated to 380F oven until the top is golden in color.
• After cooling, decorate with fruit of your choice and fill jelly as desired. Put in the fridge to pour jelly.

творожное суфле с фруктами

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