Cottage cheese and pumpkin casserole

Extremely tasty, very useful and at the same time beautiful cottage cheese and pumpkin casserole! Even those who are not too fond of pumpkin, with great pleasure will eat it. Try it!

-Pumpkin – 500g
-Eggs – 2 pieces
-Cottage cheese – 150g
-Sugar – 6 tbsp
-Raisins – 50g
-Semolina – 3st.l.


Clear the pumpkin, cut it into large pieces and bake them in the oven, put on the pace. 180 degrees. Hold 40-45 minutes. Let cool and then pyuriruem.
Adding to the mash half of said dose of sugar, half portions decoys, one egg. All the mix.
Add to remaining cream cheese semolina, sugar and egg. Put the washed and the dried raisins, all stir.

Grease the form of butter and put in her first pumpkin top – curd. Alternate layers until the masses run out.
Bake casserole 50 minutes at 180 degrees.

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