Cottage cheese and banana dessert with apple

Cottage cheese and banana dessert with apple.

творожн бан дес с яблок

Curd cheese or sweet mass rubbed through a sieve with sugar or honey 250 gr.
Yogurt children, or any other, without sugar (you can use sour cream, but I do not like it sour) 100g.
Banana 1 pc.
Apple has a large sweet and exactly 1 piece.
Cookies with a chocolate coating, or any other 70 gr.

• Curd whisk together with a banana in a gentle and air mixture.
• Next, enter all the yogurt and whisk again. Put in refrigerator for 10 minutes.
• Meanwhile, chop the cookies into crumbs of different texture. We do not have to seek the status of flour, enough to get a fine crumb.
• Apple Pomo, cut out the core and remove the skins. We will cut the apple rings.
• Take the molds, I have wine glasses, pour into the bottom of the cookie crumbs.
• Put the top two teaspoons with a slide-banana curd mass, sprinkle crumbs and put a circle apple.
• And on top of an apple put weight again sprinkle crumbs, and on top the rest of cottage cheese and banana mousse and spread the remains of crumbs.
• Desert can be decorated with apples. Put in the fridge for two hours and then served at the table!

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