Cool cake with marshmallows

Cool cake with marshmallows.


-Zefir – 400 g
-Yaytsa – 2 pcs.
-Pechene Crumbly – 400 g
-Sahar – 0.5 cups.
-Moloko – 1 cup.
-Butyric butter – 200 g
-Citric – 1 pc. (peel)
-Kakao – 2 tbsp


1.Zefir divided into halves and put in shape.
2. Eggs are divided into a separate container and grind them with sugar.
3. Cookies crumble, add the egg-sugar mixture.
4. The resulting mixture pour milk and cook, stirring constantly, until a thick mass, then cool.
5. The oil put into the container. Lemon Wash, peel grate, mix with oil.
6. Add previously cooled mass and mix again.
7. cake pan put part of the pastry cream, then cover with half of marshmallow and marshmallow cream again layer of biscuits.

холодный торт с зефиром

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