Cooking toast with potatoes

Cooking toast with potatoes

Who would not want a pair of fragrant morning toast with potatoes? Such croutons prepared pretty quickly obtained and should be fine hearty breakfast. At the request of the potatoes can add sausage, will be even better! These toasts can take a picnic, a snack at work. With a cup of coffee toast seem particularly tasty. I recommend to try!

You will need:
• loaf,
• potatoes
• eggs
• green onions,
• salt and pepper mixture.
• sunflower oil.
1.Kartofel peel and grate, add salt and pepper.
2.Narezat green onions and add to the potatoes.
3.In the potatoes to add 2 eggs.
4.Namazyvaem to cut across the loaf of potato mixture (you can sprinkle with grated cheese), baked.

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