Cooking galantine and ganazh

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Cooking galantine and ganazh

Before the New Year and Christmas left very little time, and many have already begun to frantically flip through home cookbooks in search of a better family recipe or look for something new, than they could hit people. But it requires some new skills and knowledge, so if you decide to decorate the holiday table a masterpiece, which has not yet been prepared, should be trained in advance and even explore the “history issue”. We begin the search for interesting dishes and Christmas dessert.

Galantine and galantir

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This word does not just come across in the pages of the classic literary works, causing constant curiosity – what is the taste of this mysterious dish? And what exactly does that word mean, obviously talking about something … an elegant and gallant.

Galantine or galantir (from French Galantine.) – A cold dish of stuffed game. The French version says that galantir – a jelly made from this port, with a tart taste, which is used for meat dishes, fish, birds and four-footed game, as well as the flood of food and creams.
The most delicious is considered galantine made from cooked meat or fish broth without addition of gelatin.


So how should look like a real galantine? Sometimes it is cooked precisely as a la carte aspic, but most of it looks like a compressed cylinder, similar to the ham very thick, consisting of a low-fat poultry, venison, pork, veal or rabbit. Or is stuffed with minced chicken skin, taken from a carcass in its entirety.
For such meat galantine scroll in a meat grinder, mixed with eggs and spices, adding “secret ingredients” like peas, olives and pitted black olives, wrapped in the skin, and then compressed and cooled to solidification. You want to try the baked galantine?

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You will need:

1 chicken (1.5 – 2 kg)
300 g home stuffing (pork and beef)
150 grams of ham
1 jar of olives or olives (can be mixed)
1 large carrot
salt pepper,
2 tablespoons “Hunting seasoning”

How to make:

Carefully remove the skin from chicken, notched her on the back, leaving the breast meat on the skin. Breast incision and spread over the chicken skin. Separate the rest of the meat from the bones and scroll together with the meat, add all the spices. Cut carrots middle-sized cubes and add to the beef with black olives. Spread the stuffing over the entire surface, top with slices of ham and roll tightly roll. It is best to tie the roll of linen twine and leave under the weight for 1 hour. Then wrap the loaf with foil and bake for 1 hour the oven at 180-200 degrees, gravies in the pan for roasting 1 tbsp. water. Then deploy the foil on top and bake for another half hour, pouring juice formed to golden brown.


minced better beat with a mixer, it also is possible to add fried onions until transparent;
in order to better hold galantine form, you can add 100 grams of white bread, soaked in a little milk;
galantine can not bake, and boil in a strong bone broth and leave it to cool, then put the cold to pour.

Ganache (ganazhevaya weight)

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It is no secret that the most simple to prepare the foundation for dessert – cake. But to make it a masterpiece and this New Year’s surprise should think not only of its decoration, but also the stuffing! This will give him a taste of Christmas ganazhevaya mass, which is generally used as the basis for most of the chocolates. Even homemade cake decorated ganazhevoy weight, always looks attractive and appetizing. And if the cake is not your style, then the cupcakes or small cakes, too, will benefit from such a piquant filling! What it will taste, it depends only on your preferences, to the base will only need to add your favorite flavor – rum, cream, vanilla …

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How to cook ganazhevuyu weight? At 500 grams of solid chocolate confectionery (chocolate drops fit) need 50 ml of milk, 1 tsp Skate or alcohol, vanilla on the tip of a knife. Chocolate to grind and dissolve in the milk, then thoroughly mixing add alcohol, vanillin and the selected flavor. Density ganazhevoy weight can be controlled by the amount of cream. At home, you can cook cream ganache, which can be used as a layer, and as a glaze.

You will need:

150 ml cream 33-35%
1 bar of dark chocolate
50 g butter
1 tsp cognac
2, 5 tablespoons icing sugar
5 drops of rum essence
pinch of vanillin

How to make:

Chocolate chop with a knife. Cream mix with powdered sugar and bring to a boil (do not boil!). Remove cream from heat and pour in the chocolate, let stand 3-4 minutes. Then whip the mass mixer, add butter, brandy and flavors.

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