Cookies «Roses».

You will need:

For the dough will need:
the yolks of three eggs;
200 ml of sour cream;
200 g of butter / margarine;
a pinch of salt,
300-350 g of flour.

For filling:
proteins from three eggs
Sugar — 0.5 cups sugar and 1 cup
vanilla to taste

How to cook:

1. separates the yolks from the whites, mixed with salt. Add sour cream and melted butter. Stir once more and kneaded with flour. The dough is rolled into a ball, wrap with cling film and put in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

2. Over time, I warm up the oven and cook the stuffing. Stuffing serve pending whipped whites with sugar in a thick foam. Mixer whip whites into fluffy foam, gradually introduce sugar, add vanilla and continue beating another 5-7 minutes to get the dough.

3. divide the dough into two parts, so it is more convenient to work with. Each of the delicately rolled into the reservoir and top nanoshu protein stuffing. Gently fold into a thin roll, simply remove the excess filling spatula.
Roll cut into «coppers.» I unfold and straighten the already baking.

4. Bake 20-25 crumple at t 200 S.

Warmth and comfort to your home!


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