Cookies “Kokosanka”

Cookies “Kokosanka”

For fans of baking a coconut! Very tasty cookies! Not a gram of flour! Crisp and tender inside!

• 400g coconut
• 4-5 pcs egg
• 1.5 v sugar (glass 200 gr)

1. Mix all ingredients (egg whip is not necessary) in that order, eggs, sugar chips.

2. Look at what happened in the end.

3. Now create balls of a walnut and place on parchment paper.

4. That’s it! Not go out of the oven baked very quickly.

 In the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes is enough at 180 C.

 Look at what it is tender, cook highly recommend! And the recipe is never easier!

Bon Appetit!

печенье кокосанка

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