Cookies Fingers witch.

Cookies Fingers witch.

Cookies “witches fingers” – one of the most striking examples of Halloween themed dishes. It is very delicious cakes with chocolate and almonds, which has the form of women’s fingers. However, eating a delicacy dare not everyone.

печ пальцы вед5


Wheat flour 500g
Sugar 200 g
Chicken egg 1 piece.
Butter 200g
Sweet Almond 150-200 g
Dark chocolate 100g
Cinnamon 2st.l
Cocoa powder 4 tbsp. l.
Common salt 1 h. L.

Cooking method:
1.Prepare all the ingredients.

2.Mix the softened butter with one egg, 200 g sugar and 1 hour. L. vanilla sugar and knead mixer. Then gradually Pour a pound of sifted flour, 1 ch. L. disintegrant and the same quantity of salt.

All again stir until smooth, and then divide into 3 equal parts. First put the cocoa and 2-3 dice finely grated dark chocolate, the second – 2 tbsp. l. Cinnamon, and the third reserve as it is. Then we send the dough for 25 minutes in the refrigerator.

печ пальцы вед7

3.Iz refrigerated dough all three species most similar sculpt the likeness of fingers and nails instead of whole almond paste.

печ пальцы вед8

4.Get “witches fingers” spread on a baking sheet and send for 20-25 minutes in a preheated to 160 degrees oven.

печ пальцы вед6

5.Gotovoe cookies from the oven and grease the marigolds near melted in a water bath with dark chocolate, simulating blood. Now the original cookies in the form of witches fingers can bring to the table.

Scary Enjoy your meal!

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