Colourful Salad with pasta

Colourful Salad with pasta.


– 300g of pasta “Farfalle” (bows)
– Sol
– 150g fresh-frozen peas
– 150g canned corn
– 200g celery petiolar
– 250g tomatoes
– 150g of canned tuna in its own juice
– 100g mayonnaise
– 100g of yoghurt
– Ground black pepper
– 1-2st liters of lemon juice

Cooking method:  

Cook the “pasta” as recommended on the package.
Fold the pasta in a colander, mix and allow the water to drain out.
Canned corn and canned peas (if not found, like me, fresh-frozen) and drain. Mix with pasta – bows.
Rinse celery cut.
Pomidory- slices. Mix.
Tuna mash (you can plug)
Mix mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice and pepper. Lemon juice may need more, it’s to your liking.
All gently stir and season.
Bon Appetit!

пестр сал с пастой

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