Coleslaw, apples and ginger.

Coleslaw, apples and ginger.

салат из кап ябл и имбиря1

You will need:
1 kg of cabbage
2 large apples, the main thing is not very acidic, even more sweet
1 small lemon
about 15 grams of ginger
175 ml olive oil
4 tablespoons of dark wine vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon mustard
salt and pepper to taste

How to cook:
1. Let’s start with the cabbage. Her we have to chop so as to obtain long thin strips. As nashinkuete, add the cabbage in a bowl, add a little salt, mix and remember the cabbage. So it will be a little softer and juicier, but, nevertheless, will not lose, “crispiness”.
2. Now the apples. Remove the core and cut them into strips. Be sure to sprinkle the apples with lemon juice, otherwise they oxidize quickly and lettuce completely loses its appearance.
3. Well and ginger. We take away the peel and rub on a small grater. On grater you can stay portage, we do not need at all, so feel free to throw them out. Now, combine the cabbage, ginger and apples in a bowl. We mix and take for refueling.
4. Filling in this recipe our all. We have a small capacity to combine olive oil, vinegar, honey and mustard. Horoshenechko whisk / blender until smooth, and add salt and pepper. Refill salad.
5. It remains one small thing – to call loved ones, and you can even a considerable number, it turns out a lot of salad. So if something happens to either reduce the proportion, or increase the amount of ones.
All coleslaw, apples and ginger ready! Bon Appetit!

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