Coconut biscuits

You will need:
— Coconut 120g
— Flour 7 ch.lozhek
— 2 protein
— 150 grams of powdered sugar
— Liquid chocolate to decorate

1. Beat the egg to increase about 2 times. I fluffed with a fork, but this idea is physically quite complicated 🙂 Massa eventually turn out to be a little thinner than for cooking meringues.

2. pour powdered sugar. Just not all at once, but gradually introduce, stirring occasionally.
3. mesh and stir.
4. Add the flour.

5. Then coconut.

6. Thoroughly mix.
7. Spread on baking parchment.

8. Bake at 80-100 degrees about 1.5 hours.
9. To decorate, you can sprinkle with chocolate.


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