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New hot dishes from a bird.

Dishes from chicken, duck or turkey like everything: both adults and children. They will be thrilled with the hostess and the upcoming 2016 — Fire Monkey. These recipes Christmas 2016 hot meals are included in the category of «posted in the oven and forget». Bake chicken or turkey carcass is entirely smeared with her herbs, […]

Duck confit (French cuisine).

Ingredients: 4 duck legs 1 tbsp salt 1 lemon ½ head of garlic 1 tbsp allspice Thyme 2 cups fat duck broth ½ cup olive oil Cooking method:           1. Feet rub with salt. And put them in the package, to add the lemon zest, coarsely chopped garlic and thyme, allspice.

Duck breast with pumpkin and pineapple.

Ingredients Duck breast — 1 pc. Pumpkin — 100 g Butter — 30 g Honey — 1 tbsp Cinnamon — 1 pc. Star anise — 2 pcs. Pineapple — 4 lengthwise. Sugar — 1 tbsp Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste Cooking method 1.Pumpkin cut into cubes. 2.Boil half a liter of water, […]

Duck magret with drunken pear and cranberry-rosemary sauce.

INGREDIENTS for ducks: -337 Gr Magret duck breast -9gr Flower honey -8gr Soy sauce -6gr Garlic -melnitsa with a mixture of five peppers sauce (w Set 3 servings): -177gr Dry red wine -126gr Sauce Wild cranberries -6gr Rosemary

Turkey with lemon

Very tasty, soft and juicy turkey vegetable broth with lemon. You will need: Turkey breast 600g Vegetable Broth 100 ml Lemon 1 pc. Luke 4 pcs. Olive oil 2 tbsp. l. Honey 1 tbsp. l. Salt Black pepper, ground COOKING METHOD