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Chicken in yogurt

Chicken in yogurt. Suitable for a festive late dinner. Products a minimum, and the taste — well, just amazing!

Chicken stuffed with young garlic.

Chicken stuffed with young garlic. Cooking time 1 hour Servings 6

Duck braised in red wine with cherries.

Aromatic and delicate duck with sour cherry, very festive dish. To the delight of the hosts, not too troublesome! Prepared all set on fire and forget 2 hours! Tender duck breast, will fry.

Crispy chicken legs lemon mustard.

Ingredients: chicken legs  6 pieces zest of 1 lemon bread loaf 1/2 mustard to taste Garlic 2 pieces 2 st.l.maslo butter (melted) 2 st.l.olivkovogo oil salt pepper spices — to taste Cooking method: