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Sephardic lasagna with turkey and aubergines

Sephardic lasagna with turkey and aubergines

Asian duck salad

Ingredients: Breast of duck – 2 pcs Honey (marinade) – 1 tsp.. Soy sauce (marinade + Refills) – 6 tablespoons. l. + 1 h. L. Ginger (fresh, grated – for the marinade) – 1 tsp.. Salad – 250g Cucumber – 3 pieces. Lime – 1 pc. Carambola – 1 pc. Daikon – 120 g Cashews […]

Duck in orange glaze with pineapple

Duck – a creature that literally requires beside him something sweet. But if a duck with apples and raspberry sauce, we have become accustomed to the orange and pineapple glaze, surely impress your guests. INGREDIENTS 1 gutted duck weight 1,7-2 kg 1 medium very ripe pineapple 2 large chicken breast fillet 1 medium white onion […]

Pork with cranberry sauce

Fruits and berries are very well with beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck – they give meat dishes a pleasant sour-sweet taste. Late northern berries – cranberries, cranberry – traditionally used with meat in Russian cuisine. Raspberries, currants with meat – more unusual option. These berries can be put in the meat during cooking, […]

Roast turkey drumstick tomato glaze

INGREDIENTS 3 shin turkey 150g chopped tomatoes in juice 150 g of honey or maple syrup 50 ml of soy sauce Salt and black pepper COOKING METHOD 1.For the marinade tomatoes with honey (maple syrup) and soy sauce whisk blender. A little warm up and cool until thick.