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Cold appetizer aspic.

Cold appetizer aspic. The joy, the hope of the fulfillment of desires gives us a wonderful holiday of Christmas (New Year). And the table this evening should be as our nastroenie- festive and elegant with pleasant surprises.

Spanish Piperada.

Spanish Piperada. To prepare two portions of food we need: • 2 sweet peppers; • 1 sweet onion; • a couple cloves of garlic; • a handful of cherry tomatoes; • 3-4 eggs; • Olive oil for frying.

Rolls «Cordon Bleu» in a creamy sauce

Rolls «Cordon Bleu» in a creamy sauce.

Julienne with chicken and mushrooms.

Ingredients: -1 medium sized onion pieces. -chicken (breast) 100-150 gr. -mushrooms whole big 50g. -butter 50g. -vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l. -flour 1 tbsp. l. -cream 10% 200 ml. -cheese 50 gr.

Chicken marinated with lemon and garlic, grilled

The pleasant aroma of grilled meat, marinated in a simple marinade of lemon juice, honey, olive oil, garlic and thyme — all very tempting … Chicken marinated with lemon and garlic, grilled turns out very tender and flavorful. It is better to marinate the chicken in the morning and evening