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New potatoes with smoked salmon in a light sauce with dill

Ingredients: -Hammer potatoes — 400 g (baby potatoes) -Greek yogurt (or low-fat sour cream) — 125 ml -Garlic — 1 clove -Lemon juice — 1 teaspoon -Salt and pepper — to taste -Dill — 1 handful -Green onion -Smoked salmon — 170 g (sliced ​​into thin strips)

Seven ideas quick breakfast of eggs

Seven ideas quick breakfast of eggs. 1. spinach and bacon, baked with an egg

Potatoes with bacon and zucchini.

Potatoes with bacon and zucchini.

Spaghetti with chicken in tomato sauce

Lovers of Italian cuisine dedicated! A hearty and delicious dinner just half an hour! Delicious spaghetti in tomato sauce with juicy and aromatic chicken! Ingredients: -Chicken fillet — 400 g -Tomatoes — 450g -Tomato paste — 40 g -Spaghetti — 300 g -Garlic — 1 clove -Ground black pepper -Dried basil — 1 ch. L. […]

Chicken thigh in the potato ring

To prepare this dish quickly and easily. But its charm is not the point. And not even a minimum of ingredients. The beauty of garlic-chicken aroma that fills the kitchen in just 40 minutes of cooking. Ingredients: -chicken thigh (can be replaced by chicken legs or lower leg) — 4-5 pieces. -potatoes — 600 grams. […]