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Zrazy Czech

Ingredients: beef — 600 g Onion — 200g fat — 30g bacon — 60-70g pickled cucumbers — 80g Cooking method:  1.Meat (beef) cut into thin wide slices, beat off them with salt, sprinkle with pepper. Lay them a slice of bacon, slices of onions (and ideally more salty slice peeled cucumber).

Baked Chicken with pesto, tomato & mozzarella.

Ingredients 4 each boneless, skinless, chicken breasts

Chicken Parmesan.

Ingredients 10 chicken strips 24 oz barilla marinara sauce 8 oz kraft mozzarella cheese 8 oz thin spaghetti 1 tbsp parsely 2 cup progresso bread crumbs italian style 3 eggs 1 canola oil 1/2 cup kraft parmesan cheese

Honey BBQ Baked Chicken Wings.

Honey BBQ Baked Chicken Wings. Ingredients: 18 chicken wings (raw, thawed)

Vickys Roasted Vegetable Strudel, Vegetarian Christmas Dinner.

Ingredients: 6 carrots 1 parsnip 1 sweet potato 1 turnip/swede 1 red onion cut into wedges 2 clove garlic 6 sheets of filo pastry 1 oil & sunflower spread for greasing