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Almond cake.

Ingredients: -125 Grams of almond -1 Art. l. ratafia -2 eggs -125 G butter -sahar — 125 g -500 G of finished puff dough Almonds in a blender grind to a state of powder. Butter with sugar thoroughly. To drive 2 eggs, add the almond powder and liqueur. Mix. Dough to unfreeze, divided into 2 […]

Yoghurt cake with carrots and dried apricots

For the sponge: 4 large carrots (360g) a handful of dried apricots 2 tbsp. oatmeal 3 eggs 3 tbsp yogurt a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda slaked yogurt

Curd cake with lemon

Curd cake with a low oil content, suitable for those on a diet. Cake turns porous, wet structure and lemon flavor. Taste of cheese in the cake does not feel ready. Lemon is used in a recipe with whole skins.

Buckwheat cake with cream cheese

Your kids do not want to eat healthy foods, demanding sweets and cakes? Here’s the recipe is incredibly useful buckwheat cake with curd cream!

Puff pastry & cinnamon cake

This French puff pastries that are easy to prepare, and above all praise the taste! For baking puff pastry can buy in the store. How beautiful these puffs — that the remnants of puff pastry can be used for them. Just knead again cropping from the previous baking. The quality will not be affected.