Christmas-snowman pasta with mango-coffee cream.

Ingredients for pasta (output I got a snowman 22):
150g ground almonds
150 g of powdered sugar
60 g protein aged
150 g of sugar
50 ml of water
+ Aged another 60 g protein
Blue dye

Cooking method:          
Almond meal (this time, as in the previous I also ispolzovla almond petals) and powdered sugar mixed together, grind in a coffee grinder and sift.
Put the mixture on a baking sheet, the laid silicone mat and place in preheated oven to dry for 5 minutes, then sift again into a deep bowl.
The almond mixture (which I took out of the oven, it was still very warm) to add the first 55gr.belkov, good Stir silicone spatula (with warm almond mixture, in my experience, it is much easier to work with stirring).

Sugar is add water, bring to a boil and cook until the syrup until the temperature reaches 118C-minutes (5-7minut active boil-up light golden color).
The second part of the protein is good beat with a mixer (I started beating when the temperature of the syrup has reached 110 ° C) and when the syrup reaches the correct temperature, pour a thin Stuikyte the wall into proteins. Weight should increase vdvoe.Akkuratno shunt proteins to the almond paste.

Next you need to divide the mixture into 2 parts and one of them is to add a blue dye (not to overdo the kneading, then what will necessarily affect the quality of the pasta, I take a spoonful of almond paste in a separate bowl stir well with a dye, and only then gently stir mandelic the rest mass).
Then put the bag through a culinary makarons in the form of snowmen in the pan: first squeezing circle of larger diameter, and above it-less so that they come into contact with the other sisters. Leave snowmen to dry for 40-60 minutes.

This time I also bake caps at 145C for 17min with priotkryvaniem the oven door on the 10th and 12th minute (this must be done in order to stop the further growth of the liver). Properly baked pasta cool on the mat.

Stuffing for my snowman I have also decided to make a double: coffee with white chocolate and mango.

For coffee ganache:
200 g cream 32%
250 g of chocolate
40 g butter
1 tbsp bean

The cream add coffee beans, bring to a boil and set aside to infuse recruited coffee aroma, ideally overnight (I insist, this time 4 hours). After that, strain the cream again and bring almost to the boil. Pour the hot cream on broken chocolate, leave for 5 minutes, then stir until smooth, add the softened butter. Cool, and beat with a mixer before use.

Recipe for mango ganache:
1/3 of white chocolate ganache
mango Kurd
For mango Kurdish:
212 g of mango puree
40g sugar
2 tbsp. l. lime juice
2 egg yolks
a pinch of salt
30g soft butter

Mix the mango puree, sugar, salt and lemon juice. Add the egg yolks and whisk. Mango mixture placed in a heat-resistant bowl and place on a hot water bath. Cook, constantly interfering with a whisk until the temperature reaches 75C Kurd and thickens (10-15 minutes). Ready Kurd remove from heat and add the butter pieces maslo.Razmeshat until smooth and cool (ready Kurd can be stored in the refrigerator for a week or freeze).
For mango ganache I used half of the Kurds, who whipped with 1/3 of the coffee cream.

Pastry bags fill mango and coffee cream. Along the perimeter of pasta otsadit coffee ganache, fill in the middle of a mango cream and cover vtoroi half a snowman. Lightly press. For snowmen on a stick in half pasta with cream pack cocktail straw (flattened at the point that lies on the pasta), lightly squeeze it in a cream so that the cream wrapped on all sides (or lay out even a little bit of cream to cover the tube) and cover with the second half of cookies.

Snegovichkov Lay on a baking sheet or in a box and left overnight in the refrigerator.

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