Christmas snacks top 6.

Offer to surprise children and not only the children, that’s a bright and beautiful snack. With the success of the holiday table is provided ! We will surprise and delight !


Mayonnaise Quail yaytsah- about 2.5 tablespoons of the entire snack.

5 eggs

6 quail eggs

Bread Borodino

Toast bread

Green onion

Cherry tomatoes

Tomatoes “cream” -5 pieces

Cheese plavlenyy- few slices

-Several Doctoral sausage slices

Dutch Cheese 50 grams.


Not a big bunch of dill

To decorate a little red pepper, orange, cucumber.


1. Eggs to cook hard-boiled. Clean.

2. Chicken eggs cut into 2 parts, remove the yolk.

3. yolk mash with a fork, on a fine grater grate cheese, 1 egg, add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix. We get to spread made sandwiches, stuffing egg and tomato, it is enough for the whole snack.

4. Start with tomato “plum” tomatoes cut hat, remove seeds and partitions, using a teaspoon, put the stuffing of cheese and egg mayonnaise, close the bonnet. (On a plate)

5. Stuffed eggs “Spiders” to lay eggs in the filling, lightly sprinkle with finely rubles fennel, olives spiders do, draw eyes mayonnaise. In order to make accurate dots I used syringe.

6. Sandwich in the form of a star: using forms for cookies – star cut Borodino bread molds at doctoral sausage spread on bread, even less cheese, spread on a sausage. With plug – an asterisk, I cut stars of the red pepper, cucumber and orange that adorn the sandwich.

7. Snack Mushroom “Amanita”: cherry tomatoes cut into 2 pieces, remove the core, put a hat on cherry quail egg, squeeze
mayonnaise dots.

8. Sandwiches with ladybirds: of Borodino bread using baking forms (flower) to cut the workpiece, pasting smear egg and cheese and mayonnaise, sprinkle with dill. From cherry tomatoes and olives to make a ladybug, mayonnaise cow to draw the eyes of olives to make dots.

9. Sandwich “Bouquet” – white toast bread cut blank, green onions cut on each workpiece corresponding to 3 pen size of bread, put on the bread, using a plunger or shape cookie “flower” cut flower of sausage, cheese, and sweet red pepper. Use the syringe to squeeze mayonnaise, green onions, as in the photo.

10. If prepare all the food and supplies in advance, the preparation of these snacks will not take long. It took me about 1 hour. You can certainly make a snack let the morning, apply in the evening, but then be sure to remove the cover and refrigerate.

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