Christmas Sled.

2 candy canes

1 regular size reese’s or kitkat

6 fun size bars (3 of one kind, 2 of another, and 1 of another)

1 ribbon

1 small bow

1.Hot glue candy canes to the bottom of your regular size bar
2.Hot glue 3 fun size bars in the center of your regular size
3.Hot glue 2 fun size bars (different kind than last 3) centered the other 3
4.Hot glue 1 fun size center the two (again use a different kind so you have a variety)
5.Put your ribbon on so it is across it long ways and side to side. criss crossing it at the bottom so you only have to use 1 piece. I hot glued mine at the ends to hold it together and then placed the bow on top to cover the seam.


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