New Year’s table – one of the main attributes of the feast. For information on how to serve and cook that many housewives are beginning to think in a few months. After all, it is important to cater not only households but also fiery red monkey.

Tips for table setting:

Beautifully decorated table – the best way to create a festive atmosphere in the house. In 2016, it can be monotonous and colorful.

One of the best options – to buy a set of colorful tissue: blue, orange, green. Ideally, if we can pick up the same dishes. On a table playful Monkey is sure to pay attention and want to stay with you. But do not forget that this is a capricious beast, which has a delicate taste. Therefore, decorating the table, the main thing – do not overdo it. If it looks like a parrot, the mistress in 2016 may simply be scared.

If you are not adherent colorful decor, you can focus on one color. How it should be – not hard to guess, because the Monkey 2016 – Red Fire. To serving was not boring, use multiple shades of red.

On the festive table in the New Year’s Eve must necessarily be a place candles. Fire – it is the element of housewives in 2016, he would bring good luck to your home. However, the safety must not be forgotten!

What should be on the festive table:

1. It is not difficult to guess that one of the favorite dishes of monkeys – this fruit. They are New Year’s table in 2016 are all required. Ideal – not just put them in a vase and take the form of some unusual sculptures. For example, tropical palms.

2. Monkey – a herbivorous animal, so the table must be vegetable salads. And can and does make a vegetarian party. Most of her taste carrots and green pepper. In addition, the owner of 2016 has nothing against the eggplant, zucchini and vegetable stew.

3. If we are without meat can not do, it is better to simmer. Grilled steak scare mistress in 2016.

4. Do not remain indifferent to the monkey and various appetizers. On the table must be unusual sandwiches, canapés, stuffed eggs. The main thing is to make them look original and unusual.

5. Another obligatory point Christmas table 2016 – cheese. The more classes, the better. You can make beautiful cuts, or simply add it to salads.

6. sweet lovers should pay attention to light desserts – dried fruits, nut pies and fruit cakes. Cakes with cream is best left for another holiday.

7. The monkey has a delicate taste. Therefore, special care should approach the selection of alcoholic beverages – drinks that hit, it will not. To attract good luck, in addition to the traditional champagne on the table should be a bottle of whiskey and expensive cognac.

If you are preparing a festive New Year’s table to follow these simple tips, it will not only delicious, but also attractive for the main animal 2016 – Red Fire Monkey. And with it you will come to the house of joy, fun and good mood.

Beautiful sliced ​​fruit (in the form of palm trees, and others.), A variety of salads, appetizers, meat, desserts – everything can be selected on this site! Welcome!Merry Christmas!

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