Chocolate Margarita.

Chocolate Margarita.

шок маргарита

-silver tequila 60 ml.
-chocolate liqueur 30 ml.
-whipped cream 30 ml.
-a little bit of orange juice to taste
-a little lime juice to taste
-a drop of bitters (good if it is chocolate) to taste
-sugar to decorate edge (you can add cocoa powder) to taste
-chocolate chips to decorate to taste
-ice to taste

Glass pre-cooled, mix in a bowl the sugar and cocoa, sprinkle the edge of the glass.
In a blender, mix all liquid ingredients (tequila, liqueur, cream and a little splash of citrus juice, add a drop of bitters) with a cup of ice. Beat until smooth.
Pour into the prepared glass, sprinkle with chocolate chips.

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