Among the many chocolate these trees provide a wonderful feeling of real forest trees in winter. If the winter spruce forest to your taste, then get to work!

This recipe was originally for shokolanyh chocolates. But the mass was razlozhennna a special way so as to achieve a spruce branch. At other times of the year you have obtained from a mass of gorgeous chocolates.

Recipe Chocolate firs:

500g dark chocolate
50 g of cocoa butter
600g almond petals
50 g of corn flakes
200 g of candied fruit

Almond Petals sauté in oven baked to a beautiful color. Cool. Chocolate tempering. Add the melted cocoa butter temperature no higher than 30 C. Mix. Add remaining ingredients. Mix.

Mass lay 5 rings with decreasing diameter. Each ring distribute weight in the form of five stars paw. The latter make the smallest sprocket with the top — this is the tip of the spruce. Allow the chocolate to harden. Put one on the other levels. Fasten them together with thick tempered chocolate. Sprinkle with powdered sugar spruce.

If you will have plenty, make of it drifts.

In the recipe, you can replace the candied dried fruits on.

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