Chocolate cream cake «Oreo»


For the basics of sand:
Cookies — 300 g
Cocoa — 1 tbsp
Butter — 180 g
For filling:
Cookies «Oreo» — 300 g
Cottage cheese — 200 g
Cream cheese  — 200 g
Eggs — 3 pcs.
Sugar — 100 g
Chocolate — 1 bar

1. For the pastry bases grind, mix with cocoa butter to melt and mix with cookies, put in shape, put into the refrigerator.
2. In the meantime: Cottage cheese, Cream cheese, eggs and sugar beat with a mixer. Melt chocolate, pour into a creamy mass.
3. At the bottom of the sand to lay the foundations half of the Oreo cookies, pour the chocolate cream filling. Bake at 170 g for about 45 minutes.
Ready tart cool (2-3 hours in the refrigerator, preferably overnight) and decorate cookies residues.
Bon Appetit!

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