Chocolate cheese cake

Chocolate cheese cake.


for the base
200 gr. chocolate chip cookies
60 g. melted butter
50-100 ml. warm milk

Cream souffle
100 gr. Chocolate
50 ml. milk
50 c. sugar
200 ml. cream 33%
200 gr. fat cottage cheese (9%) cheese should be soft consistency, with no grains
2 teaspoons of instant gelatin

Cooking method:

1. Biscuits crush to get a crumb, add butter and milk portions, each time stirring well until a plastic mass.

2. The rectangular shape (I have the size 19 to 27, can take less) to lay cling film, a lot of cookies to distribute to the bottom, well compacted, is put into the refrigerator.

3. Cottage cheese through a sieve, pour 2-3 tbsp gelatin. tablespoons of water, mix well, let stand 5 minutes.
In a saucepan pour the milk, add the broken chocolate heat until chocolate is melted, stir and set aside, let cool slightly.

4. dissolve gelatin in a water bath (not overheat), then mix with warm chocolate mass and then with cheese.
Separately, whip the cream with the sugar and mix with cottage cheese and chocolate mass.

5. Ready to shift the cream on top of the cake from the pastry to remove in the refrigerator overnight.
Frozen cake gently pulling the edges of the film to shift on the table, then cut into square cakes.

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