Chocolate cake with nuts

Chocolate cake with nuts

● Eggs 4 pieces
● 4 tablespoons sour cream
● 200 grams of sugar
● 200 grams of flour
● baking powder 1 teaspoon with a slide (or two-thirds of a teaspoon of hydrated soda in sour cream)
● cocoa – powder 4 tsp
For the cream:
● 180 grams of butter
● boiled condensed milk 1 jar
● cocoa – powder 3 tsp
● Any steep to taste (I have water with jam)
● Nuts taste

1.Muku mix with baking powder and cocoa.
2.Yaytsa beat 8 minutes with the sugar, add sour cream. Beat.
3.Proseyat flour mixture to the batter. Beat.
4.Formu greased 20 cm diameter (only the bottom), or lay a parchment. Pour the batter. Oven at 170 * approximately 40 minutes. Check with a toothpick to dryness.
5. For the cream: Beat butter (not too soft) with cocoa and condensed milk.
6.Orehi fry and chop.
7.Gotovy biscuit to get out of shape, cool, cut into 2-3 cake. Soak, brush with cream and sprinkle with nuts each cake and sides of cake. Post a soak at least 3 hours and you can eat.


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