Chocolate cake with nuts, bananas and prunes

● Eggs 4 pcs
● sugar 150 g
● flour 120 g
● chopped nuts (walnuts better), 90 g
● baking powder 1 tsp with slide
● 2-3 tbsp honey
● cocoa powder 2 tbsp

To prepare the cream:
450 grams of sour cream
● 5-6 tbsp sugar
● In addition 1 banana, a handful of prunes.

Beat eggs and sugar room temperature for 10 minutes. Add the honey and stir again.

Flour mixed with cocoa and disintegrant. Add the nuts and flour mixture into the batter. Mix. Pour batter into a mold of 20 cm (to grease the bottom or lay a parchment).

Oven at 170-180 * approximately 40 minutes. Check with a toothpick. The first 25 minutes do not open the oven.

Biscuit cool, cut the cap, cut into 3 cakes.

Mix sour cream with sugar. Cut the prunes and banana slices.

The lower oil cream cake, and sandwiched prunes. Average oil cream cake and banana sandwiched. Cover the bottom cake. Riding Hood by biscuit crumble. The top oil cream cake and sprinkle with crumbs.

To decorate my heart of powdered sugar.

Give the cake to soak at least a couple of hours and you can bring to the table.

Enjoy your tea!

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