Chocolate cake on one, two, three

Chocolate cake on one, two, three

• Flour, 250 gr.,
• Soda 1.5 tsp,
• teaspoon salt,
Sugar • 300 grams.
• 55 grams of cocoa.

Cooking method:
1.Connect the flour, baking soda, salt, sugar and cocoa
2.Peremeshayte whisk lightly
3.Sledom send two eggs, soft butter (60 gr.), Olive oil (60 ml.), Vanilla extract (a couple of teaspoons), milk (280 ml.) And vinegar (1 tablespoon). You can take any vinegar that use in salad dressings, important not super strong (take up to 6%).
4. Now all we need is a good mix all the ingredients with a mixer. First, there will be lumps stains oil stains, but in 3-4 minutes the mass becomes smooth, homogeneous and glossy.
5.Delaem in the form of 16 to 20 cm. IMPORTANT! The dough will double in volume, so do not try to pour the batter more than half form. The shape of the lubricating oil. At the bottom put the parchment to suffer long with taking out cake.
6.Vypekayte at 175 degrees about 50-60 minutes. Initially, the cake will be actively growing, then rest. Top bump may appear, and maybe even crack — do not worry, it’s good we have a porous structure.
As usual, check the wooden skewer. It has to go dry. That is starting in 40 minutes to check every 5 minutes.
7.Gotovy cake almost immediately go out of shape. Gently Put it on the grill upside down. And remove the parchment.
8.Ostyvshie shortcakes necessarily hold in a sealed container (or film) for at least a couple of hours. If in the beginning you may find that the outside shortcakes dryly, then later they will be as moist and porous.
9. For impregnation using any cream.
Try it and you will say that such a simple recipe, probably not yet met, but that all who have tried to say, «God, how delicious!»

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