Chinese cabbage salad with chicken.

Chinese cabbage salad with chicken.

• Chinese cabbage — 300 g (polkochana)
• Chicken — 1 pc
• Cucumber — 1 pc
• Eggs — 4 pcs
• Green onions — 1 bunch
• Salt, pepper, mayonnaise

1.Stavim boiled chicken (for flavor add the carrot, onion and bay leaves. Then we used a broth for soup)
2.Shinkuem Chinese cabbage
3.Melko crumble green onions
4.Ogurets cut into strips
5.After as our chicken open, cut into small cubes. And just boil the eggs and crumble them finely
6.Vse lay in a salad bowl, mix, salt and pepper
7.Zapravlyaem mayonnaise We serve a la carte.

салат из пекинской кап с кур


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