Chikenburgery with mozzarella.

Chikenburgery with mozzarella.

For the preparation of the four burgers we need:
• 1 large chicken breast,
• 1/2 ball of mozzarella (you can safely take the light)
• handful of fresh lettuce leaves (my spinach and arugula)
• 4 tbsp ketchup (better home, he at times tastier)
Blue • 1/2 sweet onion,
• 4 rolls with sesame seeds for burgers,
• Vegetable oil for frying.

1. Prepare the minced chicken and mozzarella. Form the patties.
2. Grill grease with vegetable oil and fry patties on both sides.
3. Just before serving, cut the rolls in half and browned on the grill.
4. rolls put lettuce, a spoonful of ketchup. Cover with a cutlet, onion rings, salad. Cover with the other half of buns.

чикенбургеры с моц1

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