Chicken with tangerines.

Chicken with tangerines.

курица с мандаринами

-Chicken legs 4 pcs.
-tangerines 8-9 pcs.
-Garlic 4 pieces.
-ground black pepper to taste
-Salt to taste

First, clear the mandarins, and then divide them into slices and cut into slices.
The largest Mandarin put aside. It needs to be cleaned, and then, without dividing into slices, cut into circles.
We grind the garlic and mix with sliced ​​tangerines.
We spread the mixture into a bowl, add ground pepper, stir.
And here lay the sliced ​​into portions of chicken leg quarters. If four legs, then divide them into eight parts.
We mixed well so that the meat was all in tangerine juice. After a tight-fitting bowl of foil and put it in the refrigerator for a night.
All that’s left is just fry marinated chicken legs in a frying pan in vegetable oil. Add salt during cooking.
When all the meat is ready, pour the marinade into the pan of mandarins, stir and cover pan with a lid. Tormented over a low heat for ten minutes.
Now fry separately in butter slices of mandarin.
Serve as follows: put the meat on a plate, pour the juice from the frying it and decorate with toasted circle mandarin.

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