Chicken with onion marmalade, and carrot


-File Chicken – 350 g
-Konfityur Onion – 2 tablespoons. l.
-Soevy Sauce – 3 tablespoons. l.
-Pripravy For chicken – 1 ch. L.


-Morkov – 0.5 kg
-Chesnok – To taste
-Olive oil


1. whole breast poured soy sauce and sprinkle with seasonings. Give a little pomarinovatsya sauce.
2. As long as we clean the carrots, garlic (garlic advise more!).
3. The ceramic mold lay out the slices of carrot, garlic on top, sprinkle with spices, pour the oil. In the center lay the fillet, smeared it to spice jam!
4. Marmalade ready – a gift from the south, smells and has an easy balsamic sweetness. You can cook yourself or just sprinkle chicken with onion rings.
5. Put the form with baked chicken and vegetables for half an hour. Keep in mind that ceramic form is only 5 minutes to heat up, but then holds heat for a long time, and it can bring to the table!

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