Chicken with lemon, garlic and pink pepper

Chicken with lemon, garlic and pink pepper.

кур с лимоном чесн

Chicken fillet 1 kg
8 cloves garlic
Shallots 4 heads
Lemons 2 pieces
Olive oil 50 g
Parsley chopped 4 tablespoons
Pepper pink 5g

1. Wooden rolling pin to roll chicken, putting it between two sheets of foil. If you have in the arsenal of steel rolling pin, then you can do without foil, foil but still convenient – it does not give scatty chicken meat to spread all over the table and soak in the cutting board.
2. Cut the meat thin long strips and fry in olive oil with chopped onion, coarsely chopped garlic and pink pepper.
3. In a couple of minutes in the frying pan splash of lemon juice, sprinkle with parsley and lemon zest and cook for three minutes. Serve with white or pink Sicilian wine.

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