Chicken schnitzel in sauce with gorgonzola

Chicken schnitzel in sauce with gorgonzola

• 2 small chicken breast (450 g)
• 100 ml. milk
• 1/4 hours. L. salt
• 80 g Gorgonzola
• 200 ml cream
• 2 hours .l. vegetable oil
• 1 h. L. butter for frying

1.Kurinye breasts cut horizontally to obtain a thin steaks. Soak them in lightly salted milk for at least 30 min., And preferably an hour.
2.Obsushit meat with a paper towel and fry on both sides in a mixture of butter and vegetable Oils.
Cheese dissolve in the cream over medium heat, stirring constantly. Unmark from heat and let stand for a while to the sauce thickens slightly.
Pour the sauce on the plate nemnogo, lay ready schnitzel abundantly pour sauce on top.
3. In a side dish is perfect rice or pasta (tagliatelle or lingvine)
Bon Appetit!

кур шницель с горгонзолой

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