Chicken salad with prunes

Chicken salad with prunes.


-prunes 10-15 pieces,
-chicken cooked 300-400 grams,
-boiled eggs,
-200-300 gr. mushrooms,
-onion 1-2 pcs,
-1 cucumber,

Cooking method:

Prune and cut scalding. Chicken chop or disassemble the fibers. Fry the onions and mushrooms. Spread everything in the following order: prunes, chicken, onions and mushrooms, eggs (grated), cucumbers (rubbed on a grater).

Every layer other than the layer of mushrooms and onions, spread with mayonnaise. It is desirable little salt each layer. Cucumber I do not rub (though grated tasty). For the beauty I had sliced ​​thin and spread, as in the photo.

Bon Appetit!

сал из кур с черно

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