Chicken prunes Korean carrot salad.

● 3 chicken,
● 300g of hard cheese,
● 6 eggs
● glass of sweet pitted prunes,
● 1 clove garlic,
● 300g of finished spicy carrots in Korean,
● half a cup a bit of crushed walnuts,
● 500g of mayonnaise,
● salt,
● ground black pepper to taste
● bunch of parsley.

1. Chicken meat boil in salted boiling water until soft. Cool, cut into cubes.
2. Prunes rinse and pour boiling water for 10 minutes. Then drain the water, put on a paper towel, pat dry. Cut into strips. We boiled eggs separated whites from the yolks. Separately grate.
3. Cheese pass through the large hole grater, mix with mayonnaise and garlic through a press sagging.
4. Nuts are lightly fry in a dry frying pan and mix with the carrots. On a flat plate expanded prune, spread with mayonnaise, then – chicken, salt and pepper, mayonnaise again, the next – carrots with nuts on top – a layer of cheese ready now proteins.
5. All fluff with mayonnaise on all sides and uniformly fill the yolk. Let stand for an hour in the refrigerator, decorate feeding parsley – sprigs or chopped herbs.

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