Chicken Mediterranean-style.

курица по средиземноморски

-large boneless chicken thighs (fillet or any part of the chicken on the bone), 3 pcs.
-Bank (400g.) Reza tomatoes in their own juice (you can take fresh peeled 3-4 pcs.) 1 PC.
-package frozen green bean pods (and you can take fresh pods) 1/2 pcs.
-large red onion (You can take the bulb) 1 PC.
-big carrot to taste
-cloves of garlic (substitute garlic powder) 2-3 pcs.
-jars of green olives, pitted (I like the stuffed lemon) 1/2 pcs.
-jars of black olives, pitted 1/2 pcs.
-dry red wine 1 cup
-any water or broth 1 cup
-starch 1 hour. L.
-3-4 sprigs of parsley piece.
-ground black pepper to taste
-salt to taste
-olive oil for frying to taste

Onions and carrots cleaned and cut into not too small cubes.
Fry in olive oil until transparent and light golden.
Meanwhile, wash the chicken and cut into pieces
So, add the chicken to the onion and carrot, fry together until golden.
Now, add the red wine and evaporate it in half.
Then tomatoes from a can, and green beans. Good salt and pepper. Give a boil and add the water or broth.
Olives cut in half. This is optional, but they just easier to prick with a fork than round.
Put in a dish of olives and whole sprigs of parsley, you can add one clove, if you like.
At the request of the dish, you can shift into a deeper pan and leave in the pan, if its size allows. Simmer 20-25 minutes, cover and reduce heat to a light gurgle. If you have large pieces on the bone time to be increased. You can also shift all into shape and bake in the oven at 400F covering foil.
Starch is diluted in a pile of warm water and pour into the dish for 5 minutes until tender. Mix well. This dish is ideal for any pasta and rice.

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