Chicken in white wine.

Chicken in white wine.

кур в белом вине

-a hen legs, hips, fillet – what you like) 1 kg.
-dry white wine 300ml.
-200 grams of mushrooms.
-onion 1 piece.
-garlic cloves 3 pieces.
-fatty cream 100 ml.
-black olives (olives in this recipe will not work, only olives) 100 gr.
-flour 1 tbsp. l.
-salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme to taste

The pieces of chicken fried in vegetable oil and add it to the pot.
Onions, mushrooms, garlic and cut the olives, put the chicken in the pan and add 200 ml of wine. Simmer on low heat should be half an hour.
At the time, remove the meat from the pan.
Flour, cream and the remaining 100 ml of wine, mix and add to the vegetables. Do not forget about the salt and pepper, and put rosemary and thyme. Stir, give the sauce thicken.
Now we return the chicken to the pan and bring almost to the boil.
The dish is ready, do not forget to pour the meat sauce!By the way, this recipe can experiment and add vegetables such as potatoes.

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