Chicken in the south

Chicken in the south.

кур по южному

Hen 1.2 kg.
Tomato paste 80 g.
Red wine vinegar 3 tbsp. l.
Brown sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Mustard (Dijon), 1 tbsp. l.
Garlic 2 pieces.
Tabasco 1 hour. L.
Provencal herbs, salt to taste

Prepare the marinade: Mix the tomato paste, add to it chopped garlic and red wine vinegar.
Add a little Tabasco and brown sugar
Then, a little Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything.
Spread marinade on the chicken and leave in the refrigerator for at least an hour.
Then, to get the chicken from the refrigerator and send in a preheated 400f degree oven. Bake chicken about 1.5 hours, periodically open the oven and water sauce and juice, which is released during cooking. Serve immediately.

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