Chicken in honey crust with dried fruit, apples, caramelized onions and tarragon.

Chicken in honey crust with dried fruit, apples, caramelized onions and tarragon.

кур в мед корочке

-Chicken thigh fillets 1 kg.
-Prunes 150g.
-Apricots 150 gr.
-Fresh tarragon sprigs of 8-10 pc.
-Red onion (not less than 150 g) 1 pc.
-Brown sugar 1 hour. L.
-A little sour apple (60-100 g) 1 pc.
-Honey 1 tbsp. l.
-Lemon juice 1 hour. L.
-Olive oil to taste
-Hops-suneli to taste
-Salt and black pepper to taste

Each piece of fillet with salt and rub with a small amount of hops-suneli (as much as nalipnet for the last two phalanges folded near fingerprint).
Sprinkle with lemon juice and leave aside while preparing fruits and onions.
Prunes and dried apricots soak in hot water for 10-15 minutes, and cut into small cubes too.
Onion peel, keeping the white part of the root, and cut into sectors so that the petals are kept together spine. From the middle bulbs get about 12 sectors.
In a frying pan, greased (just a little) extra virgin olive oil, put the onion, then add sugar. Caramelized onions on both sides. He has quite a bit redden, become softer and the sugar is completely melted.
Apple peel and cut into 1cm slices thinner.
Baking dish a little grease.
At the bottom lay out half the chopped dried fruits and 4-5 sprigs of tarragon.
Top evenly lay next to chicken.
Sprinkle with oil to golden brown and a bit sprinkle with black pepper.
Spread the chicken on the remaining dried fruit, apple and whole onions.
In a small saucepan heat the honey to the liquid and pour over the fillets on top of the fillets. Share sprigs tarragon. Bake for 40 minutes at 380F.
As a side dish with fruit, sweet onions and honey sauce is the perfect accompaniment simple boiled potatoes, rice, couscous or bulgur.

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