Chicken in a mustard sauce with asparagus



Chicken breasts – 2 pcs.
Asparagus – 150g
Cream – 100 ml
Mustard – 2 tbsp. l.
Parsley – 1 tbsp. l.


1. First we need to prepare the chicken itself. Use will only chicken breasts. It is necessary to wash them simply defrost. Then a little impregnate them paper towels and then spread on a board. Now, rub them with salt and pepper. No other seasonings you do not need to use, this will be enough to set off the taste and the rest of the sauce. Next, cover with foil and then breast repel all use a rolling pin or a meat tenderizer. So in the end you have a chicken should be fine, since significantly reduced the cooking time. Just lay out the chicken to the pan, grill and fry on both sides.
2. While the chicken on a plate and let it “rest”. In the meantime, boil the asparagus. But that it has remained the same crisp, then after it cook properly for about three minutes, remove it immediately and lay in the icy water for three minutes again. So far, all we merge and leave it on the board.
3. It’s time to sauce and serving dishes. To do this, pour into a saucepan and a little cream to send them dried parsley, mustard. Now, all we mix well and put the cream on the fire. Boiled sauce, it should become thick and stretchy. After lay chicken fillet on a plate and spread the sticks of asparagus followed. Then it is necessary to pour sauce richly all things, you can not regret. But the chicken is cut into the plate, so you have spilled juice it in a bowl and there are already mixed with sauce.


Bon Appetit!

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