● Chicken fillet 3 pcs.
● 1 cup milk
● Potatoes average 6 pc.
● Onion 1 pc.
● Tomato 2 pieces.
● Egg 2 pieces.
● Garlic 2 – 3 cloves
● Cheese 150 – 200 gr.
● Vegetable oil for greasing of forms
● Mayonnaise (can substitute sour cream) 3 tablespoons. l.
● Salt and pepper to taste
● green for decoration

1.Kurinoe fillets cut into pieces no bigger. Fill the milk and give stand 1 – 1.5 hours to chicken softer.
2.Gotovim form of foil, which will be our “Surprise.” To do this, we add up the foil several times and laid on the bottom of the can. You can use a bucket of popcorn. Buckle edge to formochka was equally and remove from the banks. Molds are ready. If you did not have at hand the foil, never mind cook “Surprise” in the usual form.
3.Formy put on a baking sheet. Grease every form of vegetable oil. Potatoes cut into slices and lay out in the form. Salt, pepper. Then laid onion, cut into half rings.
4. Then – chicken. Just salt and pepper to taste.
5. For filling: In a bowl break the eggs, add mayonnaise and stir. Pour the chicken filling (2 tablespoons per serving). Put a circle on top of tomato.
6.Posypaem chopped garlic and grated cheese. Send bake for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. We serve decorated with greenery and at the table!
Bon Appetit!

курин филе сюрприз

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